Leisure Diving Moyo Island is available to divers who are already certified. We have 5 fantastic dive sites within 10 minutes boat ride from our resort, and just in front of our resort we have our beautiful home reef to discover. beside that there are many more sites around the island!

ALL PRICES INCLUDE 30% government tax, scuba equipment rental, refreshments and a professional dive guide.

Single Dives:

  • Shore Dive (home reef): 500.000 IDR
  • Boat Dive: 700.000 IDR
  • Night Shore Dive: 600.000 IDR 
  • Night Boat Dive: 750.000 IDR (min 2 person)
  • Discover Scuba Dive (no experience needed) 850.000 IDR

Dive computer rental 30.000 IDR per dive.

Multi-Dive Packages:

  • 2 Boat Dives: 1.300.000 IDR
  • 3 Boat Dives: 1.900.000 IDR
  • 4 Boat Dives: 2.500.000 IDR
  • 6 Boat Dives: 3.600.000 IDR
  • 8 Boat Dives: 4.650.000 IDR
  • 10 Boat Dives: 5.850.000 IDR

Diving & Accommodation Packages:


All our diving & packages include breakfast, tea/coffee, snacks & scuba equipment hire, For the Deluxe 10 Dive Package with min 2 person the Sengelo waterfall Dive site and waterfall is included

‘The Golden Triangle’ Day Trip:

This popular day trip can be combined with 2 ore 3 Dives and snorkelling, we start at 8:00 from Labuan Aji and have the first stop at Medang Island! , you’ll explore sloping steps filled with macro critters and with amazing visibility and for the Snorkelers on top of the reef there is endless beautiful Corals. 

The second dive / stop will be at Sengelo where there is an Wall dive and where you’ll drift along a beautiful coral drop-off, again for the Snorkelers on top of the reef there is beautiful soft Corals and a good change of spotting a reef shark and ore a Turtle. After we will have Lunch on the beach and visit Sengelo waterfall. 

Then we will make our way to Tekatsekili, a spectacular seamount rising from 60+ meters to just a few meters below the surface. Each boat journey between dive sites is 45 minutes which makes this the ideal ‘golden triangle’ day trip experience. On this trip you can use the Dives from your Dive Package.

 Boat charter price :1.300.000  (max 10 Guest)

 Duration                  : Full day

 Lunch.                      : not included

  • Discounts available for divers with their own full set of equipment (100.000 IDR per dive discount).
  • Need a place to stay? A our Maleo Moyo Hotel & Dive Resort we offer traditional Indonesian house (dorm) accommodation or comfortable bungalows with sea-views.
  • We can offer transfers to/from Moyo island. The price is 1.8 Million IDR (each way) which includes collection from Sumbawa airport and a private boat to Pulau Moyo. This price is for the whole boat so if you’re travelling in a group the price will remain the same.