Pulau Moyo island is located within Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province. It is situated just off the north coast of Sumbawa Island and covers an area of 349 km2 or 32,044 hectares. Moyo is just over an hour from the popular tourist destination of Bali, approximately 8-degrees south of the equator.

Pulau Moyo island is mostly uninhabited and unknown to the majority of tourists. Its’ population is around 1,800 inhabitants covering 4 small villages, all of which live on fishing and farming.

In 1986, Moyo island was established as a national park in order to protect and conserve the fantastic vegetation and the many animal species (birds, bats, monkeys, wild pigs, deer). The island is surrounded by a Marine Reserve which helps preserve the unspoiled coral reefs and a huge variety of marine life.

A visit to Moyo Island takes the traveller on a discovery adventure of immense marine and land life and provides an escape from reality in a world where man and nature blend together offering unforgettable emotions.

How to get to Moyo Island:

Most Expensive:

Take a Travira Floatplane from Lombok Airport to Moyo Island. This is the most direct but most expensive route, costing around $2800 USD for 3 people.

The Compromise:

Daily flights from Denpasar Bali or Mataram Lombok to Sumbawa Besar using Wings Air / Lion Air.

The Budget Route:

Take a bus from Bali or Lombok to Sumbawa Besar. From Sumbawa Besar it is easy. Take a taxi or drive to Mulaut Kali ore Pantai Goa and from there you can take a public boat for just 100.000 IDR. The public boat runs normally every day and depart around 13:00 and brings you to Labuhan Aji a small village on the west of Moyo Island where one of Our staff will pic you up and bring you to our Resort if you have pre-booked a room with Us.

The Comfortable option:

We  collect you from Sumbawa Airport / Hotel & bring you to Pulau Moyo on our private boat for 1.8 Million IDR (Here you have the option to do some Dives ore Snorkelling on the way like at Sumbawa wall ore Wreck and Raja Sua)